Jewelry With a Mission

The Florence Collection was created to celebrate and support our nurse heroes.

There is an urgency to supporting our nurses and their families.  We face a rapidly accelerating shortage of nurses.  Prior to COVID -19 we had a shortage of trained nurses in the United States. If nothing changes by 2022, we will have about 1 million fewer nurses than we need.

Your purchase will help provide important opportunities and resources for our Nurse Heroes and their families, including funding for:

  • Scholarships for continuing education of nurses
  • College and nursing school scholarships for the children of nurses
  • To endow research fellowships for the advancement of nursing innovation
  • Art has been shown to help heal, inspire and motivate. Funding will enable the touring and exhibition of Nurse Heroes art and 'Women Who Dared' collection to select institutions and hospitals across the United States, honoring the legacy of Florence Nightingale and our modern-day Nurse Heroes and their families